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Center Source opens facility in Barranquilla, Colombia

August 25, 2018, Philadelphia, PA.  Center Source in pleased to announce the opening of its newest center in Barranquilla, Colombia, District of Atlántico.  Center Source SAS will offer the full range of customer life cycle management solutions companies demand.  The new center will cater to companies with strong compliance needs such as PCI, HIPAA, ISO, and InfoSec.

Co-Founder and CEO Mike Biedronski commented ” … the addition of our new Barranquilla facility greatly enhances our ability to meet high demand for compliant bi-lingual near shore call center services.  We believe Colombia is poised to become the premier near shore call center destination given its large bi-lingual population, proximity and integration with the US consumer markets, and strong support from the local government.”

With an overall capacity of approximately 500 workstations, the center will be one of the largest in the region.  The company is on track to launch its first client program on August 31st with 40 stations.  It anticipates reaching 100 stations by the end of Q4 2018.


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