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Center Source Announces New Service Offerings

Philadelphia, PA | Barranquilla, Colombia, January 1, 2019 – Center Source announces the launch of new service offerings designed specifically for company’s that transact with their end customers in crypo-currency. The firm will initially focus on offering customer care and sales where BitCoin is the principle payment medium. Center Source will offer it’s clients a full range of payment support services including payment tracking, settlement, and dispute resolution. In addition, Center Source will provide technical assistance for the installation, configuration, and recovery of customers personal mobile wallets. Center Source has partnered with BitPay Inc., the largest Bitcoin payment processor in the world, for this set of services. Center Source is proud to be the first BPO in the world to formally offer crypo related payment support as a standard service offering. For more information, please contact Center Source at 2019, Center Source, All Rights Reserved.

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