Bitcoin Payment Solutions

Center Source delivers critical solutions for today’s growing businesses focused on improving customer care at every touchpoint. We’re proud to offer cutting-edge bitcoin payment support services for our clients – give your customers the ability to make a payment with Bitcoin or their preferred crypto-currency simply and easily online or via a mobile device. Ready to move forward? Contact us today.

Our Bitcoin Payment Solutions

We’ve partnered with BitPay, the global leader in bitcoin payment processing, to help you expand the payment choices offered to your end customers. Our bitcoin certified blockchangers support every aspect of the bitcoin transaction, from transmission, to settlement, to dispute resolution.  

We will even help your customers setup and configure their preferred bitcoin personal wallet as well as offer tech support for a variety of common wallet problems.  Set your company apart, provide peace of mind, and ensure the best possible customer care by accepting bitcoin payments today through Center Source and Bitpay.

Choose Center Source Today!

At Center Source, we’re committed to supporting your success through innovative payment support services. Bitcoin payments support through BitPay is just one way that we do this. Partner with us, the leader in worldwide bitcoin payment support.  

In addition, we offer a full range of business process outsourcing solutions specifically designed to provide crucial advantages, whether you’re looking for help in customer lifecycle management, B2B non-voice services, or something else. Contact us today to learn more!