Healthcare Concierge

For healthcare concierge services, trust none other than Center Source. Outpatient Imaging, Dental, and Optometry organizations turn to us when they need help managing large patient populations. Our nearshore contact center representatives can assist patients virtually with scheduling routine, wellness, and scripted diagnostic appointments. To learn more about our healthcare concierge services, contact us today!

What We Offer

We can take care of a wide range of healthcare concierge services. Count on us to handle outpatient appointment scheduling, patient wellness check-ins, as well as centralized script intake and order entry.

Our Guarantee

Our firm understands how important it is for patients to feel understood and respected. Even though our contact center associates won’t be guiding them in person, we’ll make sure to project a high degree of emotional intelligence and empathy. This way, they will feel comfortable and at ease before they visit your healthcare facility.